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By J.I. Willett


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By J.I. Willett



Conversing with children when someone is dying

It’s important for children to be part of our conversations when someone is dying.

One of our little family members is asking a lot about death.

The same question is often repeated, she wants concrete answers and asks
“Can I touch them?”

This is nothing to be worried about.

USA based hospital chaplain and award-winning writer Janice Willett addresses children and grief in her book Bye-Bye Butterfly.

Here, she shares some advice…

As a hospital chaplain, I see a lot of children who are experiencing grief and loss. We all experience loss and grief, and children are no exception. Children need to know that life is full of changes, and all things come and go.

All creatures big and small live and die, and dying and loss are a part of life.

Although some losses involve the death of a loved one or pet, we experience other losses which cause us to grieve.

These include things such as moving, changing schools, loss of friendships, a retiring favourite teacher, divorce or separation of parents, not making a team, and changes in ourselves.

Children are very intuitive.

Adults sometimes feel they are protecting children by not sharing that a loved one is very ill and may die or not be the same. Children cope and process much better when they are included in knowing.

When the conversation begins earlier, children can journey with the family in grieving and everyone can support each other and have meaningful conversations, and hopefully visit their loved-ones for closure and peace.

At the hospital or when I bring the message to our community families at bookstores or other gatherings, I sit with the young ones and allow them to interact during a story of hellos and goodbyes. I encourage them and the adults to be free in allowing their own emotions to flow while sharing a difficult moment with a child.

It is important to express that sometimes we cannot change or fix the situation or outcome.

I let them know that If a child asks a question we have no answer to, it’s ok to be honest and be comfortable with saying, “I wish I had an answer, but I don’t. I have no words to express how sad I feel for what you’re going through.”

To be present in the moment, listen, offer a shoulder to cry on or a sincere hug… to show up, to just “be” with another in silence is priceless. Sitting together and holding hands can many times be the best comfort, especially for our youngest ones.

Through these experiences I also remind everyone to cherish the people in their lives, what they have, and discover how to create an inner world of thankfulness. Then, when unfortunate loss occurs, they may be better equipped for saying their goodbyes to whatever they have lost and their hellos to the memories they treasure.

Bye Bye Butterfly: A Book about Grief, Loss and Letting Go


I found a way to address this in an age-appropriate and spiritually open-ended way through my picture book entitled
Bye Bye Butterfly: A book about Grief, Loss and Letting Go … a book of hellos and goodbyes for children.




“Affairs of the Heart”, the first publication of Janice Willett, is a sensational gift for any reader who wants to be quickly and easily transported to a world of beauty and peace. The author not only captures and holds your interest while revealing her own personal experiences in life, but has also been blessed with the task of transcribing and delivering to her readers, God’s words as they were channeled to her over the past several years. This book demonstrates the power of prayer and the power of the universe to deliver us to the Light and Joy that is our God given right.
The book is beautifully illustrated with page after page of breathtaking photos with overlaid profound inscriptions on each page. This is one of those very rare books that will raise your heartbeat as only happens when one’s soul resonates to a universal truth that you already know inside, but get to rediscover experientially.
Although God’s message has been delivered by saints, sages and enlightened beings for thousands of years, this is a 21st century message that is told in a way that gently carries one to an elevated state of being.
This is a book that after reading, you will recommend to those in your life who know there is another level of existence waiting for them but are unable to connect with it. Whether you are struggling in a life of desperation and resignation, feeling hopeless with no possibility of a solution in sight, or enjoying life fully, with a life you love and are living powerfully, you will find that within the first few pages of this rare book, you will be lifted up along a path to enlightenment.
“Affairs of the Heart” is a book that you will never put away. You can pick it up and open to any page and be inspired and filled with the joy and beauty of what it means to be human. This is a publication that will be kept on your night table or in a place where you can refer to it for inner strength and to remember the power of prayer. – GRANDE GROUP

“Dying without Crying” by J.I. Willett

By Karen Kelly Boyce


“Dying without Crying” by J.I. Willett

By Jeannie Ewing

“J.I. Willett offers her wisdom in her very readable book, Dying Without Crying. Unlike other lengthy treatises on life, death, and the afterlife, Willett takes the reader’s hand into her own and journeys alongside them – into the reality of death, but also the beauty, potential, and even gift that dying offers each of us.

With nuggets of wisdom peppered throughout this short read, Willett knows firsthand that caregivers and care receivers aren’t in a position for heady, intellectual reading. So the spirituality she provides is punchy, yet profound.”


Today I want to introduce Affairs of the Heart, by Janice Willett. Before I begin, a word on the subject matter of this book. Religion in general and prophesying in particular are often taboo subjects. Most people already have passionate and immutable beliefs on these topics, which makes discussing them difficult. So, I ask that all of you readers—both those who believe and those who are critical—keep an open mind.
Affairs of the Heart is an extraordinary account of messages Janice received from God. The book takes the reader on a journey through Janice’s experiences, from when she received her first messages—and scrambled to understand what certain words (such as torii) meant, to figuring out just what God wanted from her and from us all.

And, to all those skeptics out there: I actually had to cross reference the research to make sure historical and linguistic references were accurate, and I ended up discovering additional, supporting evidence (which the author was unaware of beforehand and had not previously included in the manuscript) that supported the messages she received.
– Laura Carlson, Editor – Between the Lines (American Editing Services)

“I really liked the author’s narrative and found her sincere and compelling. Overall, a deeply personal account that I am thankful for reading and sharing with others who may benefit from her words.” – H.C. Fineisen, NetGalley

““We can control now,” says J.I. Willett, in her book Dying without Crying.  The text is a beautifully written testament to the power of positive thinking as we deal with end-of-life concerns.  Willett’s insightful and endearing approach to facing death—and “celebrating the everlasting connections” we have made in life—will comfort those of us who are facing terminal illness and those of us who are caring for the terminally ill.  After all, “we are all travelling down the same road,” says Willett, “we just arrive at different times.”

Sandra Stimson NCCDP CEO – (National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners)

Amazon Review By Cassandra Tindal on March 31, 2017

“Dying Without Crying, Is an eye opener that gives you insight into the deeper meaning of our creator’s divine purpose of life, and creation that we are all intricately woven into, as we journey through the deeper lessons that it teaches us about the joy’s and beauty that surrounds us, that is not to be taken for granted, no, not for one moment.
As we learn to appreciate the cycles of life’s transformational experiences, from something new and wonderful that blooms, to the death and re-creation with each cycle of life that is expressed in all of us. It’s all a part of the master’s plan. We sense that all things are for a season, love, joy, peace, and sorrow, it’s all a part of life’s experience.

To have feelings is to know that you are alive, and is part of our ever growing process that gives us the strength, courage and will to thrive and survive life’s most difficult challenges.This book allows us to be human and to appreciate and accept life on life’s terms, to explore the miracles and witness the power of the creator’s master plan that is for all of us, to live beyond our or own imaginations, through the journey and miracles of life, without any regret. Thank You, J.I Willett, for shedding light on this. I am a believer, who survived cancer, through prayer, faith, and the power within me to survive.

St. Veronica parishioner shares ‘Affairs of the Heart’ with readers

By The Trenton Monitor


Janice Willett to address CWOZ retreat June 11

By The Trenton Monitor


“Dying without Crying” by J.I. Willett

By Karen Kelly Boyce


A Heavenly Affair – by Beverly Beveridge The Examiner

Several years ago I met Janice Willett at a craft fair at a very challenging time in my life. Janice smiled at me from across the room and from that smile she somehow beckoned me to come over to talk. Her words were exactly what I needed to hear that day. How did she know exactly what to say to me?

There was ‘something’ about Janice which immediately made me so feel so relaxed. And, I am sure you all know that feeling when you meet someone and you feel as if you have known them forever. Well, this is Janice and we became immediate friends and have been friends ever since.


J.I. Willett Reaches #1 on Nine Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Affairs of the Heart” – By Authority Press Wire

Biz Smart Media congratulates J.I. Willett, Amazon International #1 Best-Selling author of the God-inspired book, Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World, which reached #1 on the Amazon U.S. Best Seller Lists in the category of Religion and Spirituality on Kindle and Amazon Books on April 28, 2015.

In addition, the book ranked internationally, coming in at #1 for the Kindle and the Amazon Book divisions in Canada and Italy, and #1 in Australia for the Kindle.  It ranked #2 in Kindle and #9 for Amazon Books in Germany, as well as #3 in the UK for Kindle and Amazon Books.

Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World  is the wake-up call encouraging everyday people to follow their dreams and change the world, one person at a time.


Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World by J.I. Willett: Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World is the wake-up call to follow your dreams and change the world one person at a time. This clergy-approved book is changing lives and relationships and is a great women’s inspirational story.


This year, nearly 200 ICGMC Volunteers and Friends came out to celebrate our work together on behalf of our homebound elderly and adults with disabilities.
As a special treat, our Keynote Speaker of the evening was JI Willett, Pastoral Care chap-lain and best-selling author.
Attendees were riveted by Janice’s inspirational personal and spiritual journey to dis-cover her new life’s work.
Despite the size of the crowd, all quickly were captivated by Janice’s willingness to share her life altering experiences. Her poignant near death experience and connection to a new renewed purpose, coupled with her intimate understanding of ICGMC’s spiritual care giving mission, created the perfect presentation for our volunteers.
“Inspirational”, “moving”, “so glad I came tonight”, were just a few of the many comments made by guests, even months after the event.
“Her gentle inspiration and kindness was the perfect way to help us honor and celebrate our volunteers.” said Linda Gyimoty, Executive Director of ICGMC. “By sharing her gifts with us all, she became our gift to our volunteers.