“Affairs of the Heart”, the first publication of Janice Willett, is a sensational gift for any reader who wants to be quickly and easily transported to a world of beauty and peace. The author not only captures and holds your interest while revealing her own personal experiences in life, but has also been blessed with the task of transcribing and delivering to her readers, Jesus’ words as they were channeled to her over the past several years. This book demonstrates the power of prayer and the power of the universe to deliver us to the Light and Joy that is our God given right. The book is beautifully illustrated with page after page of breathtaking photos with overlaid profound inscriptions on each page. This is one of those very rare books that will raise your heartbeat as only happens when one’s soul resonates to a universal truth that you already know inside, but get to rediscover experientially. Although God’s message has been delivered by saints, sages and enlightened beings for thousands of years, this is a 21st century message that is told in a way that gently carries one to an elevated state of being. This is a book that after reading, you will recommend to those in your life who know there is another level of existence waiting for them but are unable to connect with it. Whether you are struggling in a life of desperation and resignation, feeling hopeless with no possibility of a solution in sight, or enjoying life fully, with a life you love and are living powerfully, you will find that within the first few pages of this rare book, you will be lifted up along a path to enlightenment. “Affairs of the Heart” is a book that you will never put away. You can pick it up and open to any page and be inspired and filled with the joy and beauty of what it means to be human. This is a publication that will be kept on your night table or in a place where you can refer to it for inner strength and to remember the power of prayer.