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Dying Without Crying reached the Amazon #1 International Best Seller list on March 30, 2017. It is a beautiful concise guide providing useful, actionable tips for caregivers and care-receivers on setting boundaries, having a voice and making decisions .. along with sharing the experience of facing death with dignity … and the difficult emotions & circumstances that accompany it. The book brings comfort to those dealing with any daily challenges, encouraging us to live each day the best we can. “Dying Without Crying” is being used by caregiving, bereavement, healthcare and funeral organizations … it replaces fear with empowerment.

In our look back moments, as we attempt to find meaning to our overall existence, we ask ourselves why it takes a milestone birthday, the loss of a loved one or terminal illness to open our eyes – to evaluate the choices we’ve made and how we have conducted our lives. Improve your life today with “Dying Without Crying.”

“We are all traveling down the same road; we just arrive at different times.” ~ J.I. Willett

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