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A Heavenly Affair
May 21, 2015
1:50 PM MST
Several years ago I met Janice Willett at a craft fair at a very challenging time in my life. Janice smiled at me from across the room and from that smile she somehow beckoned me to come over to talk. Her words were exactly what I needed to hear that day. How did she know exactly what to say to me?
There was ‘something’ about Janice which immediately made me so feel so relaxed. And, I am sure you all know that feeling when you meet someone and you feel as if you have known them forever. Well, this is Janice and we became immediate friends and have been friends every since.
I am putting it out there that I do feel it is a good thing to have faith in someone/something…a higher being if you may…God. I also believe that people are put there for you at the right time and for a reason. It’s no secret that I’m a Catholic School girl, and proud of it I might add, but I do completely acknowledge and respect many religions and beliefs.
The messages from this book are meant to ‘answer’ our questions or assist with possible issues in our lives. Maybe we are ‘off the path’, maybe we have a personal pain in our lives which we cannot figure out how to heal, maybe we need guidance, maybe we just need a hand in ours or a whisper in our ear to tell us everything will be all right. Maybe me, just needs to be a ‘better me”.
Personally, Janice holds many roles to me. She is sometimes my ‘rock’ (as she always knows what to say and when), my ‘therapist’ (“When this whole world starts getting me down” quoting the Band, The Drifters) and my ‘mentor’ (teaching me ‘how’ to listen to my messages), but most importantly, she is my friend.
And myself, as many, believe she has a direct “communication link” with a divine being. This book “Affairs of the Heart”, is this ‘direct link’. She has been labeled an “intercessor”, a person who intercedes, by clergy. Janice feels very blessed to communicate with God relaying His Divine messages to the troubled, sick and dying…never on demand, but only as they are presented in God’s time. Now, a little bit about Janice and how this book came to be.
Janice is a parishioner at St. Veronica Church, Howell, NJ which was previously featured on ABC Primetime, Fox 5 and local TV as one of the most Charismatic Churches in America. Several years ago, God communicated with her that she should write a book entitled “Affairs of the Heart”, but as with all of us, there was never time. He kept calling Janice but she was ‘too busy’. But then, she hit the bottom with a failing marriage, deteriorating health and a point of questioning the purpose of her life. There was nowhere to turn but up to God to ask for His help. This time of her life was the monumental pivoting point
where she realized that her life had to change. So, Janice left her ‘unfulfilled’ life as it was and lived off her savings following the path which led to writing this book.
“Affairs of the Heart” is about “courage to change…personal transformation…that overflows at home, work and in friendships through developing a better relationship with God.” With this book, whether you are living a joy-filled life or feeling despair of any type, “Affairs of the Heart” will bring understanding through this easy to read, relatable story with 72 wonderful messages, twelve which appear in the “Affairs of the Heart” companion wall calendar.
Biz Smart Media congratulates J.I. Willett, Amazon International #1 Best-Selling author of the God-inspired book, Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World, which reached #1 on the Amazon U.S.Best Seller Lists in the category of Religion and Spirituality on Kindle and Amazon Books on April 28, 2015.
In addition, the book ranked internationally, coming in at #1 for the Kindle and the Amazon Book divisions in Canada and Italy and #1 in Australia for the Kindle. It also ranked #2 in Kindle and #9 for Amazon Books in Germany, as well as #3 in the UK for Kindle and Amazon Books.
And “Affairs of the Heart” is receiving ‘heavenly’ reviews as follows:
“God’s Messages to the World” is the wake-up call encouraging every day people to follow their dreams and change the world one person at a time. This clergy, approved book transforms lives and relationships through the author’s inspirational story of her journey into God’s arms, while receiving the 72 messages which He asks her to reveal to the world.
“(This Book is) the handbook for the soul…a book everyone should have at their side,” says nationally syndicated radio host Kathryn Raaker of Christian Talk Radio. Most Reverend David M. O’Connell, C.M., J.C.D. Bishop of Trenton, NJ, notes, “…the book (Affairs of the Heart) chronicles the spiritual journey of its author and her personal re-awakening to the importance of faith in her life.”

Reach out for a copy of this book and keep it close at hand. It is never far from me, and when I need ‘something’, I flip open a page, and well, I get my heavenly message loud and clear.

Affairs of the Heart – God’s Messages to the World is available on Amazon.com in Kindle and print formats at
The hardcover, eBook and audiobook are available at YourGodSpeaks.com.
The eBook is also available at GooglePlay, iBook and iTunes.
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